G. Chris Andersen

“We provide our clients with bespoke advice in a private, confidential, non-conflicted manner. We do not push our clients to do what is most profitable for us, nor do we sell our clients some off-the-shelf financial product.

In my experience, many investment bankers will listen to you, but few will hear you. We have the patience and desire to hear you.“

— G. Chris Andersen

G.C. Andersen Partners, LLC is an investment banking partnership with offices in New York and Los Angeles. The firm advises clients worldwide on mergers and acquisitions, capital raises and restructuring assignments. The firm provides advice to both publicly and privately held middle market companies with revenues between $20 million and $2 billion.

G.C. Andersen Partners believes that intellectual capital creates financial capital. We are a team of partners who have the ability to see solutions where others cannot or will not. Our partners have been involved in many notable deals across a wide spectrum of industries. The depth of our industry and transaction experience provides us access to the widest range of investors, lenders, buyers and sellers worldwide. Our independence enables us to provide conflict free advice. Our size allows us to move quickly and provide advice at levels one seldom sees at other firms. Our position in the market allows us the luxury of working only on those clients we believe in.

Transformative Solutions To Capital Problems

Our bankers have significant experience crafting financial solutions to significant and challenging transactions. We have not only the resumes and rolodexes that one expects at this level of seniority, but also the passion that creates added-value and the perspective to be able to identify patterns and connections that others may not be able to perceive.

A Hole In The Market

We are living in a time of turbulent change, putting pressure on businesses of all sizes and across all industries. The world is also changing in other fundamental ways. It is becoming smaller, flatter, faster and smarter and going from analog to digital. Naturally, the digital culture has changed many investment banks.

One of the causalities of these changes has been the role of the trusted investment banking advisor. Dramatically affected by this change is a segment critically important to G.C. Andersen Partners: middle market companies with less than $2 billion dollars of annual revenues.

The middle market is often referred to as ‘the engine of the economy’, generating a disproportionate share of GDP, patents, jobs and wealth. Historically, this segment had a core of investment banks devoted to helping middle market companies grow. In the recent past, firms like Alex Brown, Donaldson Lufkin Jenrette, Drexel Burnham Lambert, Hambrecht & Quist and Robertson Stephens covered this market and enabled many middle market companies to reach their fullest potential, often through stunning combinations of creativity, innovation and a belief in clients that was almost messianic. These firms are gone, having either consolidated or disappeared altogether. The remaining firms serving the middle market that have appeared in their place are apparently often consigned to developing their brands and businesses one deal at a time and flogging themselves on blogs, chat rooms and conference rooms. They are small and they seem even smaller, without world class perspective, market proven results or “client-first” commitment.

Modern business is a series of complex equations and hourly real-time challenges. There are more choices, more regulations and more public opinion to consider. There are fewer brand names which bring certainty of success, while many are grappling with a mountain of conflicting data and opinions. The large firms with multiple lines of business, often overlapping with client interests and goals, make for an environment where conflicts can occur. Clients are increasingly fearful and apprehensive about their investment banker given the myriad of not so transparent conflicts that seem to plague large diversified investment banking firms.

We believe “client first” commitment and world class access to capital coupled with innovative thinking can enable solutions to complex issue of corporate capital and drive growth and development.

Rethinking Investment Banking.

G.C. Andersen Partners proposes that investment banking return to its roots as counselors and advisors to corporate decision makers at the highest levels of commerce. We are focused on providing thoughtful advice over the long-term, assisting management drive corporate growth and societal value.

Our mission is to create opportunity through an application of proven innovation and tenacious execution. In selecting G.C. Andersen Partners as their financial advisor, our clients know that they have hired investment banking professionals who are on their side, putting their needs first.

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