Aviat Networks

Aviat Networks, Inc.
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Challenges Overcome:

Among the challenges overcome to sell the business were:

  1. An eight figure operating loss;
  2. Technology had been supplanted by 4G LTE.;
  3. One primary customer who was not reordering;
  4. Division was not a platform company;
  5. Buyer was unable ability to verify significant purchase orders from new customers; and
  6. CFO left Aviat in a critical time during negotiations with the buyer.

In 2011, GCA Partner Kevin W. Shultz, then at FTI Consulting, Inc. led the successful sale of Aviat’s WiMAX equipment business to Canadian-based Eion Wireless, Inc. In early 2012, both he and the deal team were awarded the 2011 Middle Market Distressed M&A Deal of the Year by The M&A Advisor.