BrightHeart Veterinary Centers

BrightHeart Veterinary Centers

Challenge: Develop a financing strategy to provide capital for initial platform acquisition and future acquisitions which maximized valuation to initial equity shareholders

Solution: Raised $18.0 million in a combination of Senior and Subordinated Debt

  • Retained to raise initial capital for platform acquisition and several add-on acquisitions
  • Created bifurcated senior-subordinated note to allow for new senior credit facility in the future
  • Process included 8 investor meetings and the receipt of 5 term sheets
  • Funded by a junior capital provider focused on the middle market

Solution: Raised $28.5 million of Preferred Stock

  • Provided capital for 5 acquisitions
  • Process included 11 investor meetings (14 firms contacted) and receipt of 6 term sheets from high-quality firms
  • Selected equity partner after maximizing founders value through competitive process and multi-phased negotiations of terms
  • Funded by private equity firm focused on the middle market